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Go digital in the shower with DTV Prompt

DTV Prompt is the perfect entry point into digital showering. It gives you greater precision, control and customization than a manual shower. Its intuitive interface is incredibly easy to use, and it eliminates the handles and knobs of a manual shower—giving you a clean, uncluttered space. Plus, digital thermostatic valve technology guarantees accurate and safe temperature control.

DTV Prompt is smart and flexible

DTV Prompt is available with a 2-outlet or 3-outlet valve, which means you can run more than just a showerhead. A 2-outlet or 3-outlet valve allows you to add a second or third showering component—such as rainheads, showerheads, handshowers, body sprays and more. Plus, you can run those components separately or at the same time. DTV Prompt lets you easily switch between those showering components—from a showerhead to a handshower for example—with a push of a button. You can also add a second interface outside the showering space – a great feature for a walk in shower.

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Three-Outlet Shower Idea Starter 

Three-Outlet Bath/Shower Idea Starter

Two-Outlet Bath Idea Starter


DTV Prompt offers complete customization

Choose the showering components you want for a perfect shower everyday—from a rainhead to a showerhead to a handshower to body sprays and more. It’s complete customization at your fingertips.

One Touch Operation
On / Pause / Off

Large Digital Display
The large and intuitive LCD display makes it incredibly easy to use.

Simple Diverter Control     
Toggle between outlets with the push of a button.

Precise Temperature Control        
Digital thermostatic valve technology guarantees safe and precise temperature control.

Warm Up Your Shower Without Wasting Water
With the push of a button, the warm up feature will switch on your shower and bring it up to your favorite temperature. Once your temperature is reached, the water pauses until you’re ready to step into it.

Set the Timer to Countdown your Shower
Perfect for setting shower limits in busy households or for water conservation concerns.

Pause Your Shower
Pause your shower for up to two minutes while you wash your hair or shave without the water running.

Safe Temperature Control             
It’s simple to set both the default starting temperature as well as limit the maximum temperature your water can ever reach — perfect for families with small children or the elderly.

Flexible Installation

The DTV Prompt digital showering system requires an interface and a digital thermostatic valve and you’re ready to go. Installation is also a snap - the digital valve is supplied with a fly lead and plug to connect to the power supply. While the valve will fit inside a standard wall cavity you can also locate the valve away from the shower wall, for example, in an adjacent space or cabinet. The valve is supplied with a 20ft cable to connect to the interface but this can be easily extended with a standard RJ-11 phone extension cord — giving you complete installation flexibility.

* DTV Prompt comes with a 20-foot cable. For longer distances, the cable can be simply replaced/extended with a standard RJ-11 phone extension cord.

See how DTV Prompt can transform your showering experience here.

Visit your local KOHLER® Showroom to talk with a consultant about having DTV Prompt installed in your home.

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