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When considering a bathroom upgrade, it pays to focus on small changes that can have a big impact. The right medicine cabinet, for example, can make your daily routine more efficient, less cluttered and even a little more elegant.

A closer look.

Verdera medicine cabinets have plenty of storage space, with adjustable glass shelves and mirrored interiors that make items easier to see and eliminate the need for opening and closing the door.

If you’ve ever gotten a backache from leaning toward your bathroom mirror—or even resorted to sitting on the counter to get closer—you’ll appreciate Verdera’s most innovative feature: A magnifying mirror that pulls out from the cabinet and slides up and down to accommodate people of different heights. The mirror lays flat on the door when not in use, saving precious counter-top space.

Easy installation and more.

The Verdera medicine cabinet can be surface-mounted, cutting down on the time and work required for installation. It is essentially the same process as hanging a picture frame, as opposed to the bottom-up installation found on most cabinets.

The easy installation makes the cabinet ideal for both DIY and professional installation projects. Several of the cabinet models can open with a left- or right-hand swing for more space-planning options. And the cabinets can also be recess-mounted.

Get to know Verdera: Watch the video.

Size choices and finishing touches.

Verdera medicine cabinets are available in single-, two- and three-door configurations. Widths very from 15-40" to accommodate a full range of vanity styles.

They’re made with rust-free aluminum – ideal for moist bathroom environments – and offer high-end features such as slow-close hinges, which prevents the door from slamming. Verdera is available with an optional exposed, hanging shelf that provides quick access to the grooming items you use most.

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