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Immerse yourself in the tranquil waters and comfortable shape of the Sunstruck freestanding bath. It’s oval shape combines beauty with practicality, conforming to the body; allowing a deep, relaxing soak and plenty of space to stretch out.

The shape of serenity.

With its graceful, curving lines and rounded silhouette, Sunstruck is a graceful addition to any bathroom. Available with a straight or fluted shroud, the Sunstruck bath’s versatile style lets you create either a bold statement or spa-like retreat in nearly any bathroom decor.

The added versatility of freestanding baths allows for either a floor or deck-mount bath filler. The Sunstruck freestanding bath’s unique shape features a wider deck on one side of the bath. Use this added space to store toiletries or to install a deck-mount bath filler. The space also provides extra support as you enter and exit the tub.

Install a look that lasts.

Freestanding baths are easier to install than drop-in and alcove baths. And Sunstruck’s wide side deck helps simplify the process.

Constructed of durable acrylic, Sunstruck resists flexing, chipping and cracking so you can enjoy the deep soak and sleek look of your freestanding bath for years to come. And the smooth finish simply wipes clean so it’s easy to maintain.

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