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Q2 and Q3 toilet seats are all about convenience, with features that make them easy to install and remove, and that prevent them from slamming and shifting.

Not sure which one’s right for you? Check the comparison chart, watch the videos and browse all Q2 and Q3 styles to find the seat that perfectly suits your needs.

Q2 Q2 Q3

Q2 Seats

Q2 Seats have two features: Quick-Attach and Quick-Release, that make the seats fast and foolproof to install and even easier to remove for cleaning.

Quick-Attach See how it works, watch video.

Quick-Release See how it works, watch video.

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Q3 Seats

Q3 seats have the same two features as Q2 seats, Quick-Attach and Quick-Release, plus a third "Q," Quiet-Close, which prevents the seat from slamming. A bonus feature, Grip-Tight Bumpers, prevent the seat from shifting for extra security.

Quiet-Close See how it works, watch video.

Grip-Tight Bumpers See how it works, watch video.

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