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Create a shower space that’s all yours. Bring your music and a variety of unique KOHLER® water experiences to your shower without altering existing plumbing. Get the whole package: the HydroRail-R® shower column, Moxie® rainhead + wireless speaker, Flipside® handshower and coordinating trim and hose to create a custom shower solution you’ll never want to leave.

Standard to outstanding – in no time

Install HydroRail-R into your existing shower and transform it into an extraordinary, multi-outlet showering experience. HydroRail-R allows you to install a rainhead into almost any standard showering space while its column serves as a slidebar for the handshower of your choice. A conveniently located diverter lets you easily switch between showering outlets.

Installation is quick and easy. And, because HydroRail mounts to your existing plumbing, it won’t ruin your tile, saving you time and money compared to a traditional remodel.

Sing in the rain

The Moxie rainhead + wireless speaker delivers up to 7 hours of music, news and more directly to your shower by pairing wirelessly with any device enabled with Bluetooth® technology. The rainhead’s 80 angled nozzles deliver and all-encompassing spa-like spray. Moxie installs like any other rainhead and can be added to almost any shower with the HydroRail-R shower column. Just install, then sync and stream your music directly to your shower.

Mix it up

Mount the Flipside® handshower to your HydroRail-R column for a completely personalized experience. Select your desired spray and set it at your desired height or use it manually. By flipping the sprayhead on its axis you can seamlessly switch between for distinct spray types: enveloping Koverage™, dense but soft Kotton™, exhilarating Komotion™, and targeted, massage-like Kurrent™.

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