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This new line of kitchen accessories lets you reset your kitchen experience, making cooking, entertaining and cleanup more efficient. See how each of the thoughtfully designed products helps you speed through kitchen tasks and get back to doing what you love.

Surface swipe

The unique surface swipe combines two cleaning tools in one easy-to-hold design. The squeegee side is designed to clean up wet messes with one swipe so you can clean up quickly and save on paper towels. For dry messes, the bristle side lets you brush crumbs and dirt into the garbage can or the sink. The tool’s ergonomic design is weighted for balance, so instead of taking up space in your drawers or countertop you can set it on your sink’s divider or rim.

Sponge caddy

Not just any sponge caddy, the Reset caddy is designed to offer a more hygienic and convenient home for your kitchen sponges. The caddy features a support arm that props the sponge onto its side. The vertical drying keeps the sponge from soaking in potentially dirty water and helps it dry faster. Excess moisture drips through the removable slotted tray into the dishwasher-safe container below.

Brush caddy

With a sleek and simple design, the Reset brush caddy keeps dishwashing brushes, sponges and other cleaning tools in an easy-to-reach space that won’t clutter up your countertop. The removable slotted tray allows water to drain into the dishwasher-safe container below.

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