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Let’s face it: A really great faucet helps you get your work done and get back to the things you enjoy. See how the latest faucet innovations can do that.

Response® Technology

Response technology responds to your every move. Simply wave your hand, utensil, pot or pan through the sensor window for reliable on/off operation every time.

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Sweep spray switches from a circle to a wide blade that powerfully cleans dishes, sprays down your sink, and makes kitchen cleanup easier. With cleanup done, DockNetik makes sure there is no problem docking your sprayhead securely.

Sweep™ Spray

Specially angled nozzles create a forceful blade of water designed to sweep away stuck-on food from your dishes. With the push of a button, your faucet’s standard stream transforms to a powerful spray that makes kitchen cleanup a breeze. Now, rinsing dishes and directing food and dirt from your sink’s corners to the drain is easier and more effective.

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BerrySoft™ Spray

BerrySoft kitchen task spray offers a light spray specifically designed to gently wash fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect way to prep without bruising your produce.

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Great for everyday cleaning tasks, this spray offers a precise and powerful flow of water.

DockNetik™ Magnetic Docking System

Pull-down kitchen faucets featuring the DockNetik magnetic docking system have specially positioned magnets within the faucet body. These magnets securely lock the sprayhead into place when you’re not using it, preventing the sprayhead from drooping.


Quickly interrupt the flow of water while you extend the sprayhead to water a plant, fill a coffeepot or do other everyday tasks.


Combining a braided hose with a swiveling ball joint, faucets with ProMotion won't kink or tangle.


Combining a braided hose with a swiveling ball joint, faucets with ProMotion won't kink or tangle.

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