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  • Streamlined and modern; a union of ceramic and glass construction
  • Compact in size, yet big on comfort
  • Distinctively graceful auto-open/close seat when you approach or leave the toilet, always presenting the exterior of the cover
  • Ambient lighting through frosted glass panels on each side gives the space a soft light at night
  • Indicator on floor provides with a visual queue to open and close the seat ring hands-free

Interactive Touch Screen User Interface

  • Intuitive icons and a touch screen provide superior, easy-to-use navigation for a personalized bidet experience.
  • Can be handheld or used on the wall-mounted docking station
  • 12 different language options
  • Magnetically connects to docking stations for battery charging
  • User presets customize settings and recall saved preferences

Bidet Functionality

  • Best-in-class bidet functionality
  • Adjustable front and rear sprays
  • Integrated dryer in the bidet wand with adjustable air temperature dries more effectively
  • Deodorizer pulls air from the bowl through a charcoal filter, removing odors
  • Bidet Wand: a single faucet-like wand with removable spray nozzle, integrated LED light in the wand tip, curved design minimizes total product height, stainless-steel construction is durable and easy to clean, and includes a self-cleaning UV light.

Flushing Technology

  • NUMI is Kohler’s lowest flow and quietest toilet with best in class performance
  • 1.28 and .6 gallons per flush
  • Intelligent auto-flush setting assists with water conservation
  • EPA WaterSense certified


  • Speakers located at the back of the toilet allow you to play a pre-programmed song that comes with Numi, listen to FM radio, and play music from your own personal music device
  • Option to install external speakers to play music in your shower for sound cohesion throughout the space.

Heating Features

  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Warm air from a floor-level vent heats the floor surface and warms your feet

Editor’s Notes
To obtain high-resolution photography of these products, please visit Kohler’s exclusive Numi press page at http://kohler.com/numipress

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