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KOHLER, Wis. – October 4, 2011 – As home trends begin to once again embrace American heritage and design, Kohler Co. is dedicating part of its booth at Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto, Canada, to a material that embodies more than 130 years of American craftsmanship: KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron.

Enameled Cast Iron is a dense, durable material cast in a thick enamel coating. The manufacturing process was mastered at the foundry located in Kohler, Wisconsin, where the company continues to make many of its Enameled Cast Iron products.

“Americans are experiencing a cultural shift regarding their awareness of how a product is made and where it comes from,” says Adam Horwitz, director of kitchen product, marketing and cast iron development at Kohler. “Our Enameled Cast Iron baths and sinks manufactured in Kohler are crafted from at least 80 percent recycled content.” Its lifetime limited warranty guarantees KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron sinks won’t crack, chip, or burn. And after generations of use, products crafted of Enameled Cast Iron can be recycled, which may make people feel even better about their decision. Kohler has been continuously updating its Cast Iron product offering with modern pieces that reflect its design leadership. The new sleek and elegant shapes, designed by Kohler’s in-house design team, cover the spectrum of style preferences.

The casting process gives every piece of KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron its own handcrafted fingerprint. Making it easy to create a personalized style, homeowners can choose from more than 20 colors— the vibrant enamel of many of these products is hand-applied by skilled foundry artisans. The finished product is a modern choice steeped in American heritage and enduring beauty.

“Once installed in your house, cast iron becomes a key part of everyday life—these are the products used to prepare meals for your family and bathe your children,” Horwitz says. “These products make a house a home.”

The following Kohler Enameled Cast Iron products can be found in the KOHLER Greenbuild booth:

  • Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron-Front Sink
  • Iron/Impressions One-Piece Surface and Integrated Lavatory
  • Salient 60”x36” Receptor

KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron Microsite
Visit the new Kohler Enameled Cast Iron microsite at kohler.com/castiron to view videos and learn more about a product that embodies more than 100 years of craftsmanship.

About Kohler Co.
Kohler Co. has a long history of supporting water efficiency and sustainability in products as well as processes. Aligning with organizations and programs like EPA WaterSense, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments and U.S. Green Building Council, Kohler has positioned itself as a sustainability leader in the plumbing industry with educational programs, awareness campaigns, and water-saving products. In recognition of these efforts, Kohler has been awarded three consecutive excellence awards from the EPA WaterSense program.

Kohler Co. offers products that are designed to conserve natural resources while remaining true to a singular quality level of performance and design. Whether specifying plumbing products that help buildings earn LEED® water-efficiency points, reducing facility operating costs or accommodating the preferences of homeowners, water-saving KOHLER fixtures and faucets address the challenging demands of customers and preserve one of our most precious natural resources. Visit SaveWaterAmerica.com for more information about Kohler’s water-saving products and its continuing efforts to help drive conservation.

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