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TORONTO, ON – October 5, 2011 – Each of the companies registered as Greenbuild 2011 exhibitors was invited to compete for the Green Exhibitor Awards, a program recognizing outstanding sustainable booth design and construction that exceeds minimum requirements set by the Greenbuild Mandatory Exhibition Green Guidelines (GMEGG). Of the 1,000-plus exhibitors, Kohler Co. was one of only three to receive a Leader Level award, the highest level in the competition.

Competing exhibitors are critiqued on five sections: booth construction, shipping materials, transportation, print/collateral, and community partnerships. Kohler incorporated reclaimed materials, biodegradable signage, energy-efficient lighting and more into its booth design. Other sustainable elements of the booth’s design and construction include:

  • Fitting all displays into one 53’ truck to limit transportation costs.
  • Building structures from reclaimed barn wood, portions of which will be reused at other tradeshows.
  • Donating KOHLER products displayed in the booth; other building materials were designed to be repackaged for return shipment.
  • Using low-VOC paints and adhesives.
  • Printing signage with biodegradable UV or soy-based inks.
  • Eliminating the distribution of promotional materials in the booth; no print materials of any kind.
  • Constructing booth seating areas from palettes topped with cushions made from recycled fabric.
  • Constructing countertops from recycled glass or paperstone.

About Kohler Co.
Kohler Co. has a long history of supporting water efficiency and sustainability in products as well as processes. Aligning with organizations and programs like EPA WaterSense, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments and U.S. Green Building Council, Kohler has positioned itself as a sustainability leader in the plumbing industry with educational programs, awareness campaigns, and water-saving products. In recognition of these efforts, Kohler has been awarded three consecutive excellence awards from the EPA WaterSense program.

Kohler Co. offers products that are designed to conserve natural resources while remaining true to a singular quality level of performance and design. Whether specifying plumbing products that help buildings earn LEED® water-efficiency points, reducing facility operating costs or accommodating the preferences of homeowners, water-saving KOHLER fixtures and faucets address the challenging demands of customers and preserve one of our most precious natural resources. Visit www.SaveWaterAmerica.com for more information about Kohler’s water-saving products and its continuing efforts to help drive conservation.

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