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Shower Spray Technology from Kohler

Whether you want a brisk rinse to wake up, a luxurious spa-like drenching of warm water or you're just carving out a little retreat during the day, KOHLER® showering sprays have you covered. Each spray is an experience onto itself to rejuvenate, relax or reinvigorate you. Find the right spray for you by browsing the videos below. We’ve taken special care to arrange the below in order of most popular shower sprays.
Katalyst® Air-Induction Shower Spray 5 1/2" Sprayface Katalyst® Air-Induction Rainshower Spray Moxie® Showerhead + Wireless Speaker
A full-coverage, luxurious showering experience with big, drenching droplets. Experience the relaxing deluge of a warm summer downpour. Enjoy a full-coverage spray combined with the clean and clear sound of a high quality wireless speaker.
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Flipside® Multifunction Shower Spray Awaken® Multifunction Shower Spray Katalyst® Air-Induction Shower Spray 3 1/2" Sprayface
Enjoy superb, everyday performance with four spray experiences: a wide-coverage spray, a drenching full-face circular spray pattern, the enveloping downpour of a soft, silky, luxury spa spray and a targeted, invigorating massage spray. Immerse yourself in three distinct experiences—wide coverage, intense drenching or targeted massage spray. Air-infused water drops deliver a powerful, indulgent, full-coverage spray.
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Shift™ Multifunction Handshower Spray

Multifunction 2.5 GPM Shower Spray Multifunction 1.75 GPM Shower Spray
Choose from either a full-coverage spray for everyday rinsing or a targeted massage spray for sore muscles. Choose from wide-coverage; gentle aerated or an invigorating massage spray. Choose from wide-coverage; intense drenching or a targeted massage spray. Plus, save water while you shower too!
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Moxie® Rainhead + Wireless Speaker Katalyst® Air-Induction Rainshower Spray Awaken® Single-Function Shower Spray Awaken® Handshower with Eco-Boost 1.5 to 2.0 GPM
Stream music, news and more in the shower while experiencing a warm, drenching “rain” experience. A water-conserving, advanced spray engine delivers full-coverage for a thorough rinsing. Experience a full-coverage spray powered by Katalyst Air-Induction technology and go from 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) to 2.0 GPM at the press of a button.
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WaterTile® Square Bodyspray WaterTile® Round Bodyspray
Bask in a voluminous, stimulating spa-like experience with an adjustable sprayface that delivers a targeted hydro-massage. Experience a high-volume, targeted massage spray for a rejuvenating shower everyday
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Single-Function Shower Spray

WaterTile® Square Shower Spray  
Enjoy a full-coverage KOHLER® shower experience to start or conclude your day. Enjoy a soothing, spa-like spray with an adjustable sprayface that delivers a targeted hydro-massage.  
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