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Urban Elegance
The Tresham Collection, celebrated for the versatile nature of its design, worked as the uniting factor for three very versatile designers piecing together a shared vision for the space. The setting: Urban Elegance, a reclaimed factory-turned-loft where concrete, brick, and salvaged railroad tie flooring serve as a backdrop for the playful juxtaposition of traditional furniture with modern fixtures and sleek faucets.

Overhead, a Cream City brick barrel vault ceiling accentuates the bath’s tall dimensions. And underfoot, salvaged African railroad ties contribute to the reclaimed beauty of the space. To maximize the space’s natural light, a custom oversized mirror with curves to matching the ceiling floats over the vanity. It’s suspended from an old wrought iron picture rail that runs the length of the wall for an artfully fresh and modern application.

One glimpse through the expanse of the wrought iron picture frame window and see Urban Elegance is so much more than a bath. It’s a serene refuge, a spot to soak up the energy of the city. Lounge in the chair and linger over a cup of coffee while the music envelops the space.

About the designer

The creative expertise of three designers and their combined 35-plus years experience united to fashion Urban Elegance, a 107-square-foot bath whose industrial bones are soaked in traditional warmth. Diana Schrage, Stephanie Marshall and Travis Rotelli work as on-staff designers at the Kohler Design Center where they partner with clients—builders, other designers, even impromptu visitors with visions sketched on napkins—to provide design consultation services to Kohler customers to increase the experience of Gracious Living with the Kohler brand.