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Life. With a Twist.
Ever wonder what it'd be like to walk into one of the bathrooms from Kohler's advertisements straight from your favorite magazine? Welcome to Life: With a Twist-a space originally constructed and photographed at the Kohler Photo Studio for the Tresham advertising campaign and creative materials and recreated for the enjoyment of the Kohler Design Center visitors.

The Tresham collection's combination of classic lines and contemporary design encourages playful juxtaposition and invites people to embrace their own sense of style to create a living space that reflects their personal design philosophy in a space where we live our everyday lives-where we bathe our children, prepare for the day, and reflect and relax before bed. This American living space is endlessly self-reflexive and paradoxical. Seriously playful. Carefully disorganized. It is steeped in the tradition of classic Americana while embracing a modern eclectic sensibility. Tresham brings this playful eccentricity, this eclectic elegance, to the American bathroom. Go live your life. With a twist.

About the designers

Megan Gordon, Katie Lee, and Rachel Gremminger are part of the Kohler Photo Studio Set Design team that concepts and creates the sets photographed for Kohler's advertising and promotional materials. Their creativity transforms blank studio walls into inspirational spaces that capture and epitomize luxury and relaxation.