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The Kohler Design Center is a three-level showcase of innovative product design and technology, creative achievement, and American history.

A fusion of old and new, the space offers a comprehensive representation of Kohler Company's state-of-the-art products and stunning examples of the company's contributions to gracious living and interior design.

The building was originally used as a recreation hall for residents of the Village of Kohler. In 1985 it was transformed into a 36,000-square-foot showcase for the extensive array of quality products offered by the Kohler family of businesses.

The Kohler Design Center has grown to become a dramatic exploration of design ideas, the quintessence of Kohler's commitment to providing products that contribute to a higher level of gracious living.

Every detail is presented with energy and innovation to reinforce the company's image as a leader in technology, color and style.

A source of inspiration for more than 150,000 consumers, builders, architects and designers each year, the Kohler Design Center is an intriguing blend of past, present and future.

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