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To ensure that your new toilet seat matches the style of your toilet and meets your needs, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Toilet Seat Shapes

Toilets come in elongated and round-front shapes. You’ll want to be certain your seat coordinates with the shape of your toilet.

See all round-front toilet seats.
See all elongated toilet seats.

Transitions® Seat

Our Transitions toilet seat features Quiet-Close™ adult and child rings, eliminating the need to repeatedly attach and remove a child seat.

See all Transitions toilet seats.

Bidet Seats

Toilet seats with bidet functionality feature naturally soothing water as a refreshing cleansing alternative to toilet tissue. If you would like the soothing cleansing of a bidet but don’t have the room to add a fixture, KOHLER toilet seats with bidet functionality are the perfect alternative.

Explore bidet-function toilet seats.

Quiet-Close™ Technology

Available on Q3 Advantage and select seats, Quiet-Close technology lets the lid close gently and keeps it from slamming.

Explore Quiet-Close toilet seats.

Quick-Release™ Functionality

This smart feature allows you to remove the entire seat simply and quickly, making it easy to clean thoroughly. Available on Q2 Advantage™, Q3 Advantage™ and select seats.

Explore Quick-Release functionality.

Quick-Attach® Hardware

Installation is fast and secure with Quick-Attach, our innovative hardware that locks your seat into place and keeps it from loosening over time. Available on Q2 Advantage and Q3 Advantage seats.

Explore Quick-Attach hardware.

Grip-Tight Rubber Bumpers

Located on the underside of the seat, rubber bumpers grip the bowl to add stability and prevent shifting. Available on Q3 seats.

Q2 & Q3 Advantage™

These toilet seats feature Quick-Attach Hardware and Quick-Release Functionality for speedy installation and easy cleaning. Q3 Advantage seats also feature Quiet-Close technology and rubber bumpers.

See all Q2 Advantage™ toilet seats.

See all Q3 Advantage™ toilet seats.

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