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Toilet Seat Shapes

Toilets come in elongated and round-front shapes. Elongated seats measure 18 5/8” or more and fit most residential toilets. Round-front seats, designed to fit space-saving toilets, measure 16 3/4” or less. You’ll want to be certain your seat coordinates with the shape of your toilet.

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Easy Updates

Give yourself a cleaner bathroom with simple updates to your toilet

Quick-Attach® Hardware

Innovative hardware locks your seat in place, keeps it from loosening over time and makes installation fast and secure.

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Quick-Release™ Functionality

This smart feature allows you to remove the entire seat simply and quickly, making it easy to clean thoroughly.

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Quiet-Close™ Technology

Quiet-Close technology allows the lid and seat to close gently and keeps them from slamming or pinching fingers.

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Grip-Tight Bumpers

Located on the underside of the seat, these unique rubber bumpers grip the bowl to add stability and prevent shifting during use.

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Nightlight Seats

Featuring two LED lights, lighted toilet seats help guide you to your toilet in the dark and illuminate the bowl when the lid is lifted.

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Scented Seats

A carbon filter, intuitive fan and scent pack located in the seat’s hinge eliminate bathroom odors while filling your room with light, fresh scent.

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Bidet Seats

Toilet seats with bidet functionality feature naturally soothing water as a refreshing cleansing alternative to toilet tissue. If you would like the soothing cleansing of a bidet but don’t have the room to add a fixture, consider a KOHLER toilet seat with bidet functionality.

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Learn more about our bidet toilet seats.

Transitions® Seat

Our Transitions toilet seat features an elongated Quiet-Close™ adult ring and a smaller child ring all in one seat, eliminating the need to repeatedly attach and remove a child seat when potty training and as your child grows.

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Learn more about our Transition toilet seats.

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