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KOHLER medicine cabinets are stylish, sophisticated and well-crafted. We've designed them to help you reduce clutter in the grooming space and organize all of your essentials within easy reach. To help you choose your best option, we've broken the process down into three steps.

STEP ONE: Choose Your Installation Type.

Do you want to simply hang a medicine cabinet on your wall, or are you willing to cut into your wall and install a cabinet between the studs? The answer will determine which installation type is right for you. The three types are as follows:


The cabinet mounts flush with your wall, no cutting required.

See surface-mount cabinets.


The cabinet installs between the studs in your wall. You'll need to cut into the wall to install and build the cabinet framework.

See recessed cabinets.

  Note that some medicine cabinets can be installed either recessed or surface-mount.

STEP TWO: Choose Your Size.

Measure the height - the distance between your lights and faucet.

See 26- to 30-inch-high cabinets.

See 31- to 36-inch-high cabinets.

Then measure the width of your vanity.

See 16-inch or less-wide cabinets.

See 17- to 21-inch-wide cabinets

See 22- to 29-inch-wide cabinets

See 30-in and wider cabinets

STEP THREE: Choose Your Features.

Once you’ve narrowed down the selection of cabinets that will work for your space, you’ll be able to select by features, like hinge swing, shelving, frame type and more.

See all medicine cabinets.