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Bidets offer a quick, simple way to refresh and wash the body without taking a full bath or shower. The warm, gentle spray provides a soothing, comfortable clean. As you determine whether or not a bidet is right for you, there are a few things you’ll want to think about.

Vertical Spray

Bidets with vertical sprays feature water deliver through an integral fill on the bidet or a vertical spray stream in the center of the bowl.

Horizontal Spray

Water is delivered from a faucet mounted directly on the bidet with horizontal spray bidets. The choice between vertical and horizontal spray is simply based on user preference.

Bidet Seats

If you would like the soothing cleansing of a bidet but don’t have the room to add a fixture, KOHLER toilet seats with bidet functionality are the perfect alternative.

Toilets with Bidet Functionality

Integral to the design of the toilet, bidet functionality offers seamless comfort and style on toilets such as Numi® and San Raphael®.

Coordinating Faucets

Many of our faucet collections feature bidet faucets that coordinate with shower, bath and sink faucets as well as matching accessories.