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As you design your bathroom and choose the style of your sink, there are several installation options you’ll want to consider.


A stand-alone fixture, the pedestal sink features a wide basin – available in multiple sizes – and a narrow base, similar to the shape of a birdbath.


These sinks attach to the wall and often include a shroud to cover any piping. They are convenient for small bathrooms where additional floor space is useful.


Kohler offers two types of above-counter sinks. Vessels sinks are freestanding basins that sit on the counter, acting as a dramatic centerpiece for any bathroom. Wading Pool® above-counter sinks, unique to us, accentuate the movement of water and are often easier to install.


These sinks mount beneath the counter to create a seamless counter-to-basin transition. Sleek style and ease of cleaning give this installation type its appeal.


Drop-in sinks have a rim or lip that sits on the counter while the basin rests below. Ideal for remodeling, drop-in sinks can be easily retrofitted to an existing counter.


Designed to coordinate with KOHLER vanity and console table styles and sizes, vanity-tops fit snugly over the entire cabinet or table and act as both counter and basin.