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Whether you're building a new home or remodeling, adding a shower is a great way to add luxury to your bathroom. Before you
embark on a shopping spree, think about what you want from your new shower, focusing on the needs of the different people
who’ll be using it.

Thoughtful design

There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to showers, and you can combine the components in a variety of ways to accommodate every family member.

Multi-function showerheads deliver a variety of functions, specific massage options and a range of intensities, from pulsing blasts to gentle mists.

Bodysprays offer a variety of different experiences based on your personal preferences. Some types save space by discreetly blending into the wall, while others are adjustable for a range of intensities. Many bodysprays provide targeted relief for arthritis, sports injuries, or just everyday aches and pains.

Rainhead showers mimic the luxurious drenching of a summer downpour for a soothing experience.

Steam showers are not only deeply relaxing, they also help your body to remove toxins and impurities while cleansing your skin and promoting respiratory health.

Handshowers offer all the functionality of showerheads and allow you to direct the flow of water right where you need it. Rotating handshowers offer an even more innovative and fun way to enjoy water.

More ideas

• Combine a handshower with a slidebar for quick and easy height adjustments to accommodate every member of your family, from tall dads to tweens and kids.

Digital shower controls allow all family members to save their individual showering preferences for temperature, water flow, lights and more.

Discreet speaker systems designed for wet environments are another great way for family members to personalize their shower experience. Kids can enjoy their favorite tunes during bath time, morning commuters can plan around radio traffic reports, and soothing ambient music or audio books can soothe frazzled nerves for all at the end of a long day.

Encase the place

If you're not up for tiling the walls and floor of your shower, consider a shower stall and shower base to help contain splashing and give your shower a clean look.

Shower doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you're incorporating a corner shower, working in a tight space, or using steam controls, there's a shower door for every need.

Easier than ever

Grab bars make getting in and out of the shower easier for people of all ages
and ability levels.

Adding a seat to the shower space provides women with a convenient place
to shave their legs, and offers comfort and convenience to every member of
the family.

• Keep clutter in its place by incorporating shower storage. Easy-to-clean
shelving units mount into any shower wall or module, and come in a variety
of styles, colors and finishes for a seamless fit.

Assess your space

Along with matching your needs with the right experience, you’ll want to take a hard look at the space you have to work with. Says designer Carol Schalla, Midwest Living magazine senior home editor, "Obviously space and existing plumbing locations can affect cost greatly, so see what's possible within those confines.”

Don't forget style

While you're perusing components, think about your shower's overall design, including colors, materials, and fabrics. Get inspired by design magazines and blogs. If you're remodeling an existing space, designer Deborah Burnett suggests the mantra: "Observe, create, then decorate."

"Take photographs,” says Burnett, “Observe the room, hallway, and adjacent rooms; then sit and look at your photos and just think."

Visiting showrooms is a great way to get product information and see products in a room setting. To get a feel for the bigger picture, make a point of visiting open houses and idea homes--either in person or online.

Remember, the most important element in your dream shower is you. So, have fun exploring the possibilities.

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