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A carelessly chosen or inappropriate element in a newly created bathroom can ruin the effect you’ve worked so hard to create, like wearing sneakers with an evening gown. That’s why it’s important to choose complementary accessories designed to mirror the look of your fixtures, and the overall style of your bath.

Add functionality

Accessorizing is every bit as much about increasing usefulness as enhancing style. Here are a few ideas for how the clever use of accessories can make daily routines easier:

Install a robe hook Install bathroom shelves Add task lighting Install grab bars Install towel bars
Install a robe hook exactly where you need it. Place shelves to prevent the sprawl of grooming tools and toiletries and cut down on visual clutter. Add task lighting that helps you better see what you’re doing, and makes the room more attractive and inviting. Install grab bars that complement your room design and provide that little bit of extra help where you need it. Place towel bars and rings right where you need them, keeping towels off the floor.

Let there be light

Don’t underestimate the value of effective lighting. Use bright, warm light from a combination of sources to enhance the beauty of everything in the room, including you. But also consider the design of the light fixture itself, and choose accessory lighting that goes with the style of the room.

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Storage for days

Powder rooms often lack sufficient storage. If you have a small bath and can’t expand out, you can always move up. Take advantage of wall space and add vertical shelving. That petite room will feel a whole lot more expansive if you organize it efficiently.

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Freshen up

Even if you’re not considering a total remodel, you can easily update your existing space by adding accessories. KOHLER accessories come in a wide variety of versatile styles and finishes, from solidly traditional to streamlined contemporary.

Accessorizing is every bit as much about increasing usefulness as enhancing style.

Beyond the bath

Accessories aren’t limited to the bath. Add robe hooks in bedrooms for wayward towels and in mudrooms or hallways for coats and jackets – an easy addition that adds functionality and ties the style throughout your home. Rather than awkwardly tucking dishtowels into drawers or around appliance handles, place a towel ring in the kitchen. Add grab bars anywhere you need a little extra help getting around. Consider installing them in garages, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

A place for everything

Whether sprucing up an existing bath or planning the creation of a brand new one, use accessories to extend usefulness and add stylish flourishes, to your bath—and beyond.

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