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There’s more to the act of bathing than merely getting clean. Bathing provides tangible health benefits: stress reduction, awakened senses and the ability to bring the entirety of our being into alignment.

Embracing wellness

Despite Western culture’s longstanding opinion of bathing as purely utilitarian, a number of enlightened health professionals take a more balanced approach toward its role in wellness. Some health providers incorporate bathing therapies into treatments for problems with body alignment and posture, joint pain, and even serious spinal and nerve-related issues.

“Picture a gymnast on a balance beam,” says Jean Kolb, Director of the Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI. “That balance is a very small movement … just like the very small choices in your life, which cumulatively can take you from being in balance to imbalance. It doesn’t take a huge movement to lose control and fall off.”

A wealth of health

There’s a good reason that a wide range of therapeutic bathing options are available at the best spas. Positive benefits include increased circulation, deep relaxation, even absorption of vital trace minerals through the water—and each is part of a domino effect that can contribute to improved health.

Our daily communion with water allows us to restore balance to our mind and spirit.

A perfect circle

The Kohler Waters Spa routinely wins accolades and awards for its five-star service and facilities, including a menu of relaxing and restorative bathing experiences. But what sets it apart from other spas is its unique partnership with Kohler plumbing business professionals and their product development expertise.

“My spa colleagues are very jealous of me,” Kolb laughs, “because they know that if I can’t find something I want in the current offerings of this industry, all I have to do is call my plumbing colleagues and they’ll create it.”

That relationship also provides the bath products business with key feedback about what customers want. “It’s very much a circle of shared information,” Kolb confirms, “And that free exchange results in some truly great products.”

For the spa, for the home

Visiting a high-end spa isn’t the only way to relax and recharge. Many of the products the Kohler Waters Spa uses in its bathing treatment rooms are available to consumers, who get inspired to create spa-worthy experiences in their homes.

Three separate treatments focus around the KOHLER RiverBath®, which simulates the experiences of a rolling river, including invigorating whitewater rapids. Couples can sink together into blissful relaxation while chromatherapy changes the water color through an eight-hue cycle.

As the focal point of the aptly named Acoustic Room, the KOHLER Fountainhead VibrAcoustic® bath surrounds bathers in a unique blend of original music and sound vibrations that sweep through the water and around the body—one spa guest describes it as “music you can feel in your bones.” Bathers say they find themselves breathing more deeply and relaxing profoundly.

The KOHLER Tea for Two® bath with BubbleMassage™ is the centerpiece of the Harmony Room, with an effervescent champagne-like tide of tiny bubbles that floats the bather on a blissful cushion of air. Exclusive to the Kohler spa, a Vichy shower experience with its six KOHLER WaterTiles® provides a constant shower of warm water.

Best of all, Kohler offers a variety of bathing experiences for virtually any size bathroom, from whirlpools for two with every imaginable feature to compact air baths that provide a blissfully relaxing experience while easily fitting into an existing five-foot alcove.

The body remembers

Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and we can’t live without it. And we have a connection to water that transcends the physical. Whether it’s the rhythmic sound of waves on the shore, the soft patter of raindrops on a rooftop, or the soothing splash as your bath fills with water at the end of a long day, our daily communion with water allows us to restore balance to our mind and spirit.

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