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Effervescence hydrotherapy caresses your body in a warm, slow-moving embrace. Water and air gently travel through unique ports
designed to pamper your body with champagne-like bubbles that cling to your skin. Creating a serene and meditative environment,
Effervescence envelops your body with sensory delight.

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What will I experience?

Small, soothing bubbles travel slowly along the body, surrounding the bather in
a warm embrace. A heightened awareness of the senses occurs. The skin feels
replenished. The result is a sensory retreat.

How does it work?

Unlike a standard whirlpool, Effervescence baths feature discreet ports that deliver
gentle, caressing bubbles. These ports have been carefully positioned along the
bath to achieve optimal coverage of the entire body.

What else should I know?

An in-line heater is included to help ensure a comfortable, consistent water
temperature. Optional chromatherapy, a sequence of soothing colored lights,
and a floating remote control allow bathers to easily and conveniently customize
the experience.

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