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While faucets and showers are top of mind when it comes to daily routine cleaning, bidets have been a part of this routine for decades in Europe. Now, more American households are incorporating bidet functionality in their bathrooms, many in the form of an enhanced toilet seat. Those who’ve adopted them for home use report that they offer increased comfort, a refreshed feeling of confidence and overall well-being.

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A focus on and demonstration of the C3 toilet seat's bidet functionality.

A new kind of clean

Bidet seats, like the fixtures they’re named for, offer soothing, hygienic warm-water cleansing as a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue. A user-sensor triggers an in-tank water heater, while dual wands give a soft, aerated wash in posterior and anterior positions. A touch of the keypad controls rate and temperature of water flow. Some models have features like heated seats and nightlights.

Explore the C3 toilet seat. Watch the video.

Convenient features

In addition to their unique cleaning methods, C3 toilet seats have a host of convenient features. Including user sensors, an energy-saving function, a nighlight and a lid that doesn’t slam.

Explore the features. Watch the video.

Comfort and confidence

C3 toilet seats let users choose their own level of comfort, with a three-level heated seat, water temperature and pressure options. Bidet seats are especially beneficial for users with special needs.

Explore the options. Watch the video.

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