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Bidets are growing more popular because of the cleanliness, comfort and convenience they bring to your daily routine. C3® toilet seats with bidet functionality use the naturally soothing quality of water as a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone—providing soothing, hygienic warm-water cleansing.

C3-230 Toilet Seat

The touch-screen remote of the C3-230 controls all aspects of the experience, from user presets to the five temperature settings for the seat to the adjustable spray and water temperature. It also features a self-cleaning stainless steel wand and carbon filter to trap odor.

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C3-200 Toilet Seat

A remote control lets you adjust the water spray for position, temperature, and oscillating or pulsating motion—and you can store preferred settings for two users. Other amenities include a heated seat, an in-line heater for continuous warm water, and five position wand controls.

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C3-125 Toilet Seat

Easy-to-use controls let you adjust the water spray for temperature and pulsating motion—all at the touch of a button. Other amenities include a heated seat, adjustable warm-air flow for drying and built-in odor control.

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