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Baths. Sometimes, a simple approach is the best. Uncomplicated and well-conceived. We engineer our baths so that nothing comes between you, your bathing preferences and all-encompassing comfort. Our baths are ergonomically crafted to gently support the natural curves and angles of the body. For the bathing purist in each of us, KOHLER® baths help keep life simple.

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Pure and Simple.

What will I experience?
The essence of simplicity: just water and you-- and perhaps your favorite bath salts, bubble bath or bath oil.

How does it work?
Every KOHLER bath is engineered with optimized ergonomics. Many have lumbar support for added comfort.

What else should I know?
Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and colors, KOHLER baths complement any bathing environment.
Multiple installation options suit a variety of bathroom configurations.


Drop-in baths have a finished rim and are designed to drop into a deck or custom
surround. They can be installed in corners, peninsulas and islands, or can be sunk
into the floor. A drop-in bath is supported from below and has a self-rimming edge
designed to sit over a frame topped with a water-resistant material.

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Freestanding baths can be installed away from the wall, or even in the middle of a
room. The bathing area is typically supported by feet or a decorative base.

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Some bathtubs fit into a three-wall recess, which is ideal for a bath/shower
installation. Many alcove baths include an integral apron that helps make installation

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Corner baths are designed to fit into a corner of the room. Most bathtubs for
corner installations are five-sided, with a triangular basin, and are designed to
accommodate two-person bathing.

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Some bathtubs can be used in either a drop-in or an under-mount installation. In an
under-mount installation, the bath edge is mounted beneath a cutout solid-surface
deck material and is therefore invisible.

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