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Plumbers Prefer Kohler

More plumbers recommend KOHLER toilets than any other brand.
And more plumbers would choose KOHLER toilets for their own homes over any other brand.

Industry leader

For more than 100 years, we’ve lead the industry in the design and manufacture of toilets and seats, pioneering water-efficient designs and integrating innovative technologies. KOHLER toilets have been essential in shaping the style and functionality of the modern bathroom over the last century. Today the advanced features and proven durability of these products are redefining personal comfort and cleanliness.

We believe so strongly in the quality of our toilets, we offer the Toilet Satisfaction Guarantee through all qualifying plumbers, dealers and KOHLER Registered Showrooms.

Saving without sacrificing

Achieving the best flushing performance with as little water as possible has been a focus of ours since the 1970s. Today, our high-efficiency toilets can help you save up to 16,500 gallons of water annually. And the EPA WaterSense® program has recognized Kohler’s water-saving efforts for the past four years.

Explore our water-saving programs and products.

Powerful, clean and efficient

Powerful, clean and efficient – without fail. That’s our definition of performance. No more multiple flushes. Just flush. And done. Simple, like it should be. Because no matter the style or flushing technology, your high-efficiency toilet needs to deliver comfort and peace of mind – with unrivaled power, a clean bowl rinse and efficiency.

Browse our high-efficiency toilets.

Award-winning design, from concept to production

We’ve been bringing creative thinking and quality craftsmanship to toilets for more than a century – experimenting with color and shape, developing a wide spectrum of styles, innovating features that improve functionality and comfort, and fine-tuning more than 1,000 attributes with every new toilet we design to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Browse all toilets.

Bathroom collections

KOHLER collections are an easy, stylish answer to bathroom design. Our collections range from a full line of fixtures – coordinating toilets, sinks, and baths or shower receptors – to a matching toilet and sink for the powder room. We make it simple for you to achieve a complete, tailored look.

See all bathroom collections.

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