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Homeowners are asking more from the kitchen today than ever before. They want it to perform like a professional chef’s kitchen, but with the relaxed vibe of a comfortable hangout. Components that combine professional functionality with inviting style go a long way in helping to achieve that balance. And task-oriented pull-down and pullout faucets deliver on both, streamlining the home chef’s workflow and simplifying everyday life in the kitchen.

Kitchens that keep up

If you’re one of the ever-growing crop of foodies, you know that a kitchen stocked with the right tools can make all the difference when you’re trying out new recipes. When it comes to prep and cleanup, a pull-down or pullout faucet gives you far more flexibility and control over how you use water in the kitchen. Typically featuring multiple spray functions, high-arch spouts and kink-free braided hoses, these faucets can be pulled across the counter to fill your biggest pots – which means no more struggling to lift full pots out of the sink.

The stream and spray functions add another level of versatility. Beth Howard, author and current resident of Iowa’s iconic “American Gothic” farmhouse, featured in the famous Grant Wood painting, bakes and sells between 80 and 100 pies every weekend during the summer. Making each pie from scratch in the farm’s one-stove, one-sink and no-dishwasher kitchen is no easy feat. Being able to switch between a fast-filling stream and a powerful spray is essential as she moves from working with industrial-size buckets of dough to peeling dozens of apples and washing mountains of berries.

See Beth in action: Watch the video.

When it comes to prep and cleanup, a pull-down or pullout faucet gives you far more flexibility and control over how you use water in the kitchen.

Water, water everywhere

The ways we use water in and around our homes continues to evolve. Faucets and sinks are no longer relegated just to kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. Homes that sport entertainment areas, craft rooms, workshops or greenhouses often benefit from having ready access to running water. Whether you’re washing dishes after a movie night, cleaning paintbrushes or grooming the dog, there’s no denying the convenience of having a faucet and sink right where you’re working.

Adding to their overall handiness, select pull-down and pullout faucets feature a pause function that lets you stop the water flow using the sprayhead. You can move the sprayhead from the sink to a bucket or a vase in one fluid motion – no need to reach back and fumble with the on/off handle.

Down or out

Deciding between a pull-down or pullout faucet really comes down to which option best suits the way you work and the style of your home. It’s a good idea to visit a showroom and play with a few models of each type before you decide.

If you prefer working with just the sprayhead, pull-down faucets may be more appropriate. Their compact design is particularly effective for rinsing the sink or deep pasta pots. On the other hand, pullout faucets give you more to grasp as you’re working, which can be helpful when you’re filling the coffeemaker or a water pitcher. Both pullout and pull-down faucets eliminate the need for a separate sidespray and reduce counter clutter. So, it’s really a matter of which faucet feels better in your hand and helps you work most efficiently.

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