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The new Cimarron Toilet, featuring AquaPiston®, seamlessly blends high-end design with high-octane performance. The result is a streamlined machine that delivers a powerful flush.

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A look at the Cimarron line of toilets with AquaPiston technology.

The AquaPiston® advantage

Cimarron features innovative AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine.

Here’s how it works:

  • The AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides (360 degrees), increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush.

  • A 3 to 2 ratio between the AquaPiston inlet and outlet valves harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flush performance.

  • The canister's durable design has 90% less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper, for leak-free performance.

  • The light-touch canister flush requires less force to actuate than a flapper.

DryLock™ Fast Install System

The DryLock Fast Install System makes no-leak installations fast and foolproof. You only need a socket wrench to secure the tank to the bowl, and there's no need for bolt holes in the tank.

See AquaPiston and DryLock in action.

Other benefits

Smarter Power: Flushes four times more than the average adult needs.

Better Clean: 50% more rinsing power compared to previous models.

Plug-Free: No more clogs.

Watch an expert demo.

Save water with WaterSense®

WaterSense labeled toilets use at least 20% less water than standard 1.6-gallon toilets while still meeting strict flushing performance guidelines.

Learn more about water conservation.

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