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Smartphones. Tablets. MP3 players. We live plugged in. And, inevitably, we’re getting smarter about how we use digital and mobile technologies, especially in the home. The bathroom, a highly personal space that’s becoming even more customized for individual comfort, is at the forefront of this trend. Audio is key to this experience and can be perfectly tailored to your needs, whether you use it to inform, relax or recharge.

Soundtracks for multitaskers

Harried homeowners crossing endless items off their to-do lists are discovering that an audio system in the bathroom can keep them connected and informed while they go about their morning routines. Easy, affordable products like Moxie® showerhead + wireless speaker bring clean, clear sound to your bathroom without requiring a complete redesign.

Swap out your current showerhead for the Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker to stream music, podcasts and more directly to your shower for the ultimate singing-in-the-shower experience.

Homeowners are bringing sound right into the actual bathing and showering spaces.

Harmony by design

Homeowners today also have the option of replacing their standard bathroom fixtures with models that have high-tech features built in. Thanks to the success of brands like Apple, consumers have come to expect these complex functionalities to be housed in simple, beautiful forms.

Numi®, Kohler’s most advanced toilet, reflects this philosophy. Among its many ultra-cool features is an audio system with AM/FM radio and an auxiliary input. As more people are opting for the heightened comfort of spa style at home, they’re finding that easy access to playlists, podcasts and audio books helps create a relaxed, personalized atmosphere.

Music and water in concert

For a more immersive experience, homeowners are bringing sound right into the actual bathing and showering spaces. Baths that feature VibrAcoustic® hydrotherapy give new meaning to the phrase “good vibrations.” Adapting the science of sound therapy, these baths emit sound waves that gently resound within the body. An alternative to the vigorous jet action of whirlpools and air baths, VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy makes use of music’s undeniable mood-enhancing quality.

Naturally, as any DJ would attest, the playlist controls the energy of the room. So, you can select from relaxing preprogrammed compositions, your own device enabled with Bluetooth® wireless technology or your MP3 player to bring the house down or raise the roof as needed. Even better, the VibrAcoustic bath’s audio system functions whether or not the bath itself is in use, which makes it perfect when prepping for a big night out.

The bathroom and beyond

Today, we expect to be connected to music and information anytime and anywhere we are. Wiring a home for a complete audio system during construction is one way to accomplish that. But today, Bluetooth technology makes it possible to use a smartphone or tablet to create a wireless sound system in any room, even in outdoor environments.

Pairing an inexpensive KOHLER Amplifier and a set of SoundTile® speakers is a simple solution for the bathroom or the patio. Small enough to hide in a cupboard, the Amplifier wirelessly transmits news, music, podcasts, audio books and more from a Bluetooth device through the connected speakers.

Another in-bathroom option: Catch stock reports and headlines while listening to your favorite radio station through the slim speakers of StereoStik® audio add-on. Designed for easy mounting on KOHLER CL Series medicine cabinets, StereoStik includes an input jack for an MP3 or other personal music player.

There’s no doubt that the revolution of personal stereos has begun to make its way into home product design. Homeowners are making the most of the trend and creating living spaces where they can stay connected on their own terms.

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