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Get the best of both worlds in one bath. Expand your bathing horizons with a bath that combines Whirlpool’s targeted deep hydro-massage with the soothing caress of BubbleMassage hydrotherapy. Use them one at a time or combine both for a revitalizing bathing experience like no other.

Blissful serenity

Our Whirlpools are engineered to maximize the benefits of hydro-massage, delivering powerful, directed massage to soothe sore muscles and help your body relax. Rotate the strategically positioned jets for precise positioning and adjust the intensity to customize your bath and massage individual stress points along your body.

BubbleMassage hydrotherapy is designed to deliver a holistic full-body experience. Air is pushed through airjets positioned along the perimeter of the bath. The result is thousands of bubbles that center your mind and massage your body to stimulate the release of muscle tension. You can customize the experience through 18 levels of intensity, from a blissful caress to a vigorous massage.

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Optional features

Chromatherapy uses lights placed around the bath to infuse the water with color, so you can relax and dream. Choose a repeating sequence of eight hues, or choose the color that suits your mood.

Bask™ heated surface allows you to recline on a heated surface that warms your back, neck and shoulders as you bathe. Three heat settings make it easy to customize the surface temperature to your liking.

The chromatherapy light system takes relaxation another step further, easing your mind and body while eight hues of color wash over you.

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