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Showers are now taking center stage in the bathroom. With more options than ever, not to mention spa-style amenities, the shower has become a private retreat for daily relaxation, and a space you can make all your own.

Shower bases are an easy way to create a unique showering space with a customized look. Usually less expensive and faster to install than tile floors, these one-piece wonders are a worry-free, budget-friendly option whether you're remodeling, building a new bathroom or simply want to do a quick upgrade.

What is a shower base?

A shower base (also called a shower receptor or shower pan) is a ready-to-install unit that serves as a watertight floor for a shower. Shower bases install directly on the subfloor, eliminating the need to create a sloped mortar bed and to tile a shower floor. A shower base is molded or cast to include a sloped floor, drain hole, side walls and threshold all in one piece.

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Why choose a shower base?

They’re easy to install.

Because they are one-piece units, shower bases install in as little as one hour, compared to days for a tile floor installation. This adds up to substantial cost savings for your bathroom update.

They’re easy to clean; little maintenance required.

Shower bases have a smooth, continuous surface that wipes clean easily. There are no grout lines to scrub. And you don't have to worry about regular maintenance, such as resealing grout: yet another way to save both time and money.

There’s less chance of leaks.

Tile is prone to cracking, which can lead to costly water damage. The one-piece construction of shower bases greatly reduces any chance of leaks. KOHLER® shower bases have a tile-in flange that helps prevent water from leaking behind the wall and into the floor. And all KOHLER bases feature an integral threshold to contain the water, so you don't have to install or maintain a tile threshold.

Why KOHLER shower bases?

When it comes to shower bases, we offer a wide selection of sizes, colors and styles. Whatever shape your dream shower takes, you'll find the right shower base at a price that works with your budget.

The perfect fit.

KOHLER shower bases come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your unique configuration, from compact squares to larger sizes for creating a luxurious custom shower environment. Remodeling to convert an alcove bath into a showering space? The Bellwether® base is sized for quick, easy bath replacement.

The perfect look.

Available in acrylic or KOHLER enameled cast iron, our shower bases are built for a beautiful finish and long-lasting durability. Choose from a full range of colors to coordinate with your wall or tile color. Shower base designs span the spectrum from clean-lined contemporary to more traditional styles inspired by architecture. To make shopping even easier, KOHLER offers shower bases as part of our bathroom collections, so you can design a unified look for the entire room, all in one stop.

Options, options, options.

Choose your preferred drain location – center, right, left or recessed. Create a sleek, finished look with a removable drain cover. Need easy step-in access? Go for a low-threshold design. KOHLER enameled cast iron shower bases come with a Safeguard® slip-resistant finish to enhance safety. For the ultimate in comfort and safety, consider a shower base with an integrated seat, such as a Tresham® base


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