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Coralais® 1.75 gpm single-function economy showerhead

Coralais® 1.75 gpm single-function economy showerhead
Product Details
    • Features
    • Single-function showerhead delivers a full, consistent spray, regardless of water pressure.
    • Adjustable sprayhead pivots and directs spray as desired.
    • 1.75 gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate.
    • 1/2-inch NPT connection.
    • Flexible supplies for simplified installation.
    • Coordinates with Coralais faucets and accessories.
    • Material
    • KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.
    • Installation
    • Wall-mount
    • Water Conservation & Rebates
    • WaterSense-labeled 1.75-gpm showerheads use up to 30 percent less water than standard 2.5-gpm showerheads while still meeting strict performance guidelines.
    • This product can help a building earn Water Efficiency points in the LEED Green Building Rating System™.
This product has been discontinued

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